Our Values



We want to create a platform that connects with the people who use it. Through using the application, managers can connect in a meaningful and reciprocal way with their employees.

We want to create mental health networks that support each other in and out of the workplace.

Being OK Positive: this is our belief, our mantra.


We believe that everyone can work with the OK Positive app. We cannot feel 100% every second of every day, but we aim to help people recognise that we all have mental health, and we need to look after it as we do with our physical health.

Our employers need to understand this, too. We are humans, not machines. This means we need to check in with ourselves often and ensure we’re OK Positive. If you are heard, supported and respected in your job, you will enjoy life and be a more productive employee. It’s a win for everyone.

So, jump on board and help us make the world more OK Positive!

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We believe that if we have the courage to create this platform and pour ourselves into it, we can enable those struggling with their mental health to do the same.

It’s OK to not feel OK. Our app encourages self-awareness, which we hope will encourage individuals to have courageous conversations.

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We believe that communication around mental health needs to be brought to the surface in the workplace, and through OK Positive, we aim to do this.

We are open and honest with each other about our thoughts in all that we do, and we want this to shine through.

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We are committed: to alleviating suffering, changing narratives around mental health, building the most user-friendly product possible, and listening to any and all feedback.

We are committed to each other as a team to deliver this with a culture encouraging learning and development.