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To place mental health awareness on the workplace agenda, encouraging employees to self-monitor, take action towards prioritising self-care, and lead a value-focused life.




Our founder, Charlie Winton, was stuck in a highly stressful job, working 50-hour weeks and enjoying moderate success—but at a cost. He found himself hiding away multiple times a day in the company toilets experiencing overwhelming feelings, which he understood as panic.

Others saw him as happy, enthusiastic and a competent recruiter, but he struggled through the days, distracting himself from uncomfortable thoughts and feelings by playing games on his phone. He felt unable to talk to his manager or seek help. The situation he found himself in was not the perceived norm.

This persisted for a year before he decided to move on and start OK Positive, with the intention of supporting others silently struggling in the workplace. He wanted to encourage people to be open about their feelings and able to speak out about mental health issues, beginning a change of narrative in workplace culture.

He built the OK Positive application to do just that and after reaching out found a supportive team of like-minded people.


Our Team


We have an incredible team and only plan to grow further throughout 2020 and beyond. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, each of the team bring unique skill sets that contribute to the OK Positive way of life. Helen leads the way in psychological therapy, while Bob brings a plethora of experience in building companies’ technology and operations. Megan runs our social media and R&D, with Charlie on the sales side of things.

We all believe in practising what we preach here at OK Positive, and the well-being of our team is of the utmost importance. We share the common goal of supporting mental health in the workplace and beyond, and we’re having fun getting there!

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