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My name is Helen McGillivray, Clinical Director at OK Positive and an accredited ACT/CBT therapist. I set up my own private practice, Compass Therapy, after having worked in the NHS for many years.

I chose to collaborate with OK Positive because of my passion to make a difference. I believe we can all take a more connected and proactive stance to work towards the common value of alleviating human suffering while reducing the stigma associated with mental health and mental health provision.

OK Positive provides a platform to do this. We are reaching out to like-minded psychologists and psychological therapists to network, raise awareness and help each other’s business grow, through partnering and promoting each other to better inform our users about mental health and treatment.

I appreciate this request to join our network may arouse curiosity, and that you may have some questions around it. I know what it is like to be asked to join other services who then offer reduced fees for more paperwork, so I have put together these FAQs. If there is anything you would like to discuss, please ask.

We aim to be open and transparent and look forward to networking and growing.


How much will it cost to join the OK Positive therapist network?


It’s free to join the network and appear on our interactive map. It’s an opportunity for all involved and something we are keen to encourage. Bringing more therapists to the network gives users choice and availability in the areas they live in.


Why are you asking about my registrations with professional bodies?


We ask for these details to check you are accredited so our users can make informed decisions. We differentiate on the app between psychologists and accredited therapists, counsellors and coaches, just to make it easier for the end user.


Why are you asking about my training experience and areas of expertise?


This is about us networking and sharing our skills and experience to meet the individual requirements of our clients. If users come and ask for training in a particular area of mental health, like sleep, we have a list of experts to contact to deliver training. This is another opportunity for providing training programs within our network.


Do I need to use OK Positive app to become part of the network?


No, though we think you would find it useful to use so that you understand the benefits and how people interact with it. We have plans to allow you to offer it your own clients at a discount rate so that you can gain more detailed feedback than you would otherwise have agreed with your client, but this is your choice.

If you have further queries as a mental health professional, you can contact Helen directly: helen@okpositive.co.uk.