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OK Positive is a fully featured solution, without hidden fees, that lets you take a step in the right direction to support mental health in the workplace.

‘providing effective support isn’t just the right thing to do—it makes complete business sense’

Mental Health at Work 2019 (BITC)


Reactive vs. Proactive

We need new ways of approaching mental health at work.

Current solutions—other well-being platforms, employee assistance programmes, mental health first aid—typically have low uptake and are a reactive measure that may only be used when issues become so severe that immediate intervention is required. This often leads to extended leaves of absence, costing the individual as well as the company.

OK Positive is preventative and proactive, designed to highlight issues before further support is required while still providing this if the need arises. Our platform educates people to become aware of their internal experiences and make positive choices based on their needs and values.

This form of support is not only cheaper but has the added benefit of building a happier, more loyal workforce. Moreover, people are often more comfortable reporting problems anonymously through technology.

OK Positive app - insights

What makes OK Positive different?


Consider the way we treat physical injury. With a sprained ankle, you wouldn’t hesitate to see a doctor or physiotherapist to get back to full health and prevent more serious problems down the line.

OK Positive provides this kind of support for mental health. Our platform helps individuals to take charge of their well-being and gives businesses the tools they need to start engaging with employee mental health in an effective and productive way.

OK Positive app - resources
OK Positive app - log your mood
OK Positive app - newsfeed

We provide what other solutions don’t.

For the employer:
  • a continuous mental health check for your company

  • granular detail of how your teams are feeling to identify patterns over time

  • anonymous feedback from employees for insight into what’s affecting them

  • real-time pulse surveys and a newsfeed to rapidly gather and respond to employee opinions.

For the employee:
  • a range of intuitive tools integrated into a single app

  • a neutral but direct channel for comments and feedback about work

  • an interactive map of professional therapy services in the area

  • discounts from local participating cafes, restaurants and shops.

We’re a comprehensive support network.

OK Positive connects its users to an ever-growing network of resources and professionals covering all aspects of well-being, and supports companies on their way to a healthier, happier workforce.











Management Training



How are your employees feeling today? Gain a unique insight with our powerful analytics.

OK Positive analytics
OK Positive analytics

View a summary of employees’ moods from the dashboard, organised by team or department. Highlight daily, weekly and monthly trends. See anonymised comments where your employees have chosen to provide details on the issues affecting them.

Determine the biggest challenges and successes your employees are experiencing in real time. Identifying these key issues allows you to make proactive business decisions and better support employee mental health.



We have partnered with OK Positive to support welfare at work as it is a convenient and handy platform, with an easy to use app which approaches personal welfare in a proactive fashion. As an employer we can keep a health check on the company with anonymous feedback, whilst our team have access to a range of effective tools to monitor their own welfare. Working with OK Positive has created an opportunity for everyone to be more self-aware and open about how they feel which will allow the company to determine how we support our teams even further.


Stephen Seymour

Director of People

Lime FMS

The OK Positive app is, in my opinion, a game-changer in the field of mental health support for workers. The design, ease-of-use and support features are second to none. As a 20 year veteran of the Oil and Gas industry, who has suffered from mental health issues myself, I wish this app had been around for me when I needed it. Using the app for the last few months has made a noticeable difference in how I feel, as I’m able to see trends in my overall mental wellbeing and make subtle changes to my routines to affix any areas of concern.


David Fox

Mental Health Advocate for the Energy Industry

Founder of Offshore Titans

Our people are at the core of the why and what of our business. Therefore we must understand how they are doing day to day and what impacts this may have on them in the workplace. Working with OK+ has allowed us to support our team to become more aware of their own emotions and has encouraged an open dialogue to share with others. We are starting to use this information to shape actions that the business can take to help our people be at their best. A huge benefit of OK+ is the library of tools and resources that people can access to learn mechanisms and techniques that can build a more positive mood and outlook and they are also fun to do!

Katy Morrison

Management Consultant, Connect Three

OK Positive has made a huge difference since my company signed up two months ago. With the ability to express our feelings and worries anonymously, the whole team has had the confidence to speak up about anything that is bothering them, and we are now seeing management implementing positive changes


OK Positive user

I think the bit I mostly like is the way you can access resources and exercises readily depending on what's going on (feeling anxious etc). It's like a one stop shop and feels more personalised than other resources


OK Positive user

OK+ is a great tool to keep track of your mood and makes you actively aware of your state of wellbeing. It provides an anonymous forum to feedback to your employer about issues that affect your wellbeing.


OK Positive user

I feel like the app is a useful way to give managers an overview of the general mood of the team without having to ask directly, which can be difficult to give an honest answer to.


OK Positive user

Overall I like the app - it's easy to use and I feel like it really helps us to engage with management.


OK Positive user

It's been extremely refreshing to have an outlet that allows the company to gain insight into employee's thoughts and feelings about the workplace. Not only does OK Positive allow the company to implement positive changes, working towards a more inclusive culture, but also to realise the extent of employee mental health. OK Positive has allowed me to feel more comfortable in reporting about my anxiety, and reporting on issues I wouldn't feel comfortable talking about directly.


OK Positive user

Getting started is easy.

Our transparent pricing model lets you know costs upfront while remaining flexible whatever the size of your business. Once you’re set up, we’ll provided ongoing support so that you can make the most of platform. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help—contact us.

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