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Let's talk about MENTAL HEALTH

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OK Positive App

What does the user see?

Learn how OK Positive's features can benefit your employees

Build self-awareness by tracking your mood. Our mood check-in feature helps you notice how your thoughts and feelings can impact how you behave.

View personalised content curated for you. Listen to a mindfulness audio exercise, try a fitness video or read blogs related to your interest areas.

Build knowledge and resilience with Learning Journeys. Each journey consists of a series of bite-sized pieces of content and simple exercises that you can step through at your own pace. 

What does the organisation see?

Gain a unique insight with our powerful analytics

Get a real-time health check on the mental health of your employees.

View a summary of daily check-ins and see daily, weekly and monthly trends highlighted. See anonymised comments from your employees on the issues affecting them.

Understanding the challenges and successes your employees are experiencing allows you to make proactive business decisions and better support employee mental health.​

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