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Our Process  

At OK Positive, we embrace a proactive approach to mental health and wellbeing, anchored in the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Our mission is to empower organisations.

How We Support Organisations: 

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B2B Wellbeing Support: We work hand-in-hand with organisations to support their employees through our daily check-in tool, personalised curated content, learning journeys and our confidential, anonymous feedback feature. This ensures a comprehensive approach to mental health. 

Real-Time Insights: Our app provides organisations with a unique advantage—aggregated and anonymised real-time data and insights derived from employee input. This information enables organisations to make informed decisions and implement positive changes. 

Voice for Employees: OK Positive gives employees a platform to express themselves anonymously. The confidential feedback loop encourages a culture of openness, providing organisations with unfiltered insights of their workforce. 

Collaborative Rollout Process: Our team works with organisations to rollout OK Positive to staff, we run back-office administration sessions and lived experience onboarding sessions for employees. Our team is on hand to support organisations through the rollout process, to encourage uptake of the app and the show the benefits of its use.  

Transformative Insights for Organisations: 

  • Employee Engagement 

  • Overall, Mood/Satisfaction Ratings 

  • Real-Time Employee Feedback 

  • Process/Organisation Improvement  

  • Wellbeing Strategy Efficiency 

This approach not only identifies issues but also facilitates effective communication, engagement, and ongoing evaluation.  


By choosing OK Positive, organisations benefit from our holistic approach to employee wellbeing. Our services positively impact organisations Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, recruitment processes, retention statistics, and operational productivity. We work together to identify, communicate, and evaluate the path to positive change. 

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