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Therapist App & Portal

               I am Helen, the clinical director of OK Positive and a current practicing clinician.

I have at all times focused on the benefit this app brings to individual users now I am delighted to be bringing this tool to my fellow therapists…..

I used to get so frustrated in the early days of CBT delivery when I presented patients with old paper handouts with activities to do between sessions in the hope they would bring them back but knowing they would not….does this sound familiar?

The OK Positive mobile app and web portal is the solution I hoped for as a clinician which I am keen to share today with others working in this field.


As therapists we know that outcomes are much improved when patients practice and

track the effects of behaviour changes out with their sessions.

The OK Positive Therapist platform is the perfect way to power up therapy and engage patients from the outset in the therapy process.

It’s a take home tool for the patient which promotes self-awareness through regular mood tracking and journaling which guides tailored content to further promote learning.


In conjunction with App and therapy the OK positive Therapist Portal provides the therapist with real time data from all patients adding that extra layer of accountability which I have found enhances the therapy process.


Patients can share notes via the app with the therapist about their experience which can then be picked up seamlessly in session from one place. No more forgetting to bring the work in as it will be on their mobile device.

The app enables therapist’s to create and upload their own personalized content (video, audio, survey etc) which is then available to their patients this saves time and resource as once its uploaded its easily accessed.

Through the OK Positive newsfeed channel we can safely and effectively disseminate helpful information directly to their registered patients  during any stage of treatment, reducing the need for many individual emails – another time saver.


We will continue to enhance and add features to the App in the coming months to make it an even more powerful tool for the Therapist.

We are currently offering the service for up to 35 patients for £50 per month (Normally £75 per month but discounted with WU33 code) if you have more patients then the cost over 35 is £3 per patient per month.

If you would like find out more about our service or setup an account with the service then please contact

Bob at or

Shonagh at 

who will be happy to assist you.

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