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Let's talk about mental health


Learn how OK Positive's features can benefit your employees

Build self-awareness by tracking your mood 

Our mood check-in feature helps you notice how your thoughts and feelings can impact how you behave, both in and out of work.

Be guided through a short series of steps to identify your feelings and reflect on the triggers or reasons why you feel this way. View insights that show you patterns over time, and learn how you can choose your behaviour next time a trigger arises.  


Add optional anonymous feedback for your employer and let them know what they can do to help.

View personalised content curated for you

View personalised content based on your interests and your mood check-ins. Listen to a mindfulness audio exercise, try a fitness video or read blogs related to your interest areas.  Bookmark content so you can easily find it again. 

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Build knowledge and resilience with Learning Journeys

Learn more about the mental health issues that matter to you with our Learning Journeys. Each journey consists of a series of bite-sized pieces of content and simple exercises that you can step through at your own pace. 

Why do you need a mental health solution? 

With 39% or 2 in every 5 employees experiencing anxiety, stress and depression related to work, mental health is an issue that cannot be ignored. The solution doesn’t have to be costly either -  research shows that for every £1 invested in employee mental health, companies can expect an average return of £5 due to increased productivity and fewer sick days.*​

OK Positive provides an early warning system to help identify mental health issues in your workplace.  

It offers a direct feedback channel for your staff to tell you how they are feeling - so you can proactively address issues before they become a crisis. 

Your staff get access to a mobile app that is easy to use, with personalised content and features that help them build their own self-awareness and resilience.  


You get a happier and more productive workforce.


*Sources: Mental health and employers (Deloitte, 2020) · Mental Health at Work 2019 (BITC)

Gain a unique insight with our powerful analytics

Get a real-time health check on the mental health of your employees.

View a summary of daily check-ins and see daily, weekly and monthly trends highlighted.  See anonymised comments from your employees on the issues affecting them.


Understanding the challenges and successes your employees are experiencing allows you to make proactive business decisions and better support employee mental health.​


What people are saying

Hear from our existing customers how OK Positive is helping them support their people in and out of the workplace

"The OK Positive app is a game-changer in the field of mental health support for workers. The design, ease-of-use and support features are second to none.

As a 20 year veteran of the Oil and Gas industry, who has suffered from mental health issues myself, I wish this app had been around for me when I needed it. Using the app for the last few months has made a noticeable difference - I’m able to see trends in my mental wellbeing and make subtle changes to improve any areas of concern."

We have partnered with OK Positive to support wellbeing at work. We find it a convenient and handy platform, with an easy to use app, which approaches personal welfare in a proactive fashion.

Our team has access to a range of effective tools to monitor their own welfare. Working with OK Positive has created an opportunity for everyone to be more self-aware which allows the company to better support our teams.

Our people are at the core of the why and what of our business. Working with OK+ has allowed us to support our team to become more aware of their own emotions and has encouraged an open dialogue. We are using this information to shape actions that the business can take to help our people be at their best. A huge benefit of OK+ is the library of tools and resources that people can access to learn techniques that can build a more positive outlook and they are also fun!

David Fox

Mental Health Advocate for the Energy Industry

Founder of Offshore Titans

Stephen Seymour

Director of People - Lime FMS

Katy Morrison

Management Consultant,

Connect Three

"Gigged.AI is focussed on burnout avoidance. We were searching for a partner that could really help with that focus. Our team has been using the Ok+ app for the last 2 months with great feedback.


Personally, I like the feature to log my mood which then gives me content that is relevant to how I am feeling. I would highly recommend Ok+ to any company that is looking to give their team tools to help avoid burnout."

For the last few months, myself and the rest of the Pogo Studio team have been using the Ok+ mobile app to help manage our mental health. The app contains a library of useful resources, and their partnerships with companies such as RTN Mental Health Solutions has given the entire team affordable access to useful mental health tools.


I in particular find the mood calendar functionality useful - it allows me to keep on top of how I’m feeling and helps manage the stress I’m sure all business owners feel!

Rich Wilson

CEO, Gigged.AI

Jack Francis

Founder, Pogo Studio


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