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OKPosive Mobile App

Learn how OK Positive features can benefit your employees and your organisation

OKPositive Mobile App

Proactive approach to mental health for your employees

OK Positive promotes a proactive approach to mental health for your employees. Through our daily mood check-ins, personalised curated content, learning journeys and AI powered Knowledge Assistant your employees can actively engage in their mental health and wellbeing on a daily basis.


Our app ensures that your employees feel supported, and our anonymous feedback channel empowers staff to voice their concerns within the organisation, allowing you to proactively address issues before they escalate into crises.


Our Insights feature offers users a thorough analysis of their weekly and monthly check-in history.


Users can explore their triggers, trends, and moods over time which provides them with a more nuanced understanding of their mental health journey. 

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24/7 support with the OK Positive AI Knowledge Assistant  

Support your employees with Oaky the AI Knowledge Assistant. Oaky provides a smarter, more personalised mental health support experience for you and your team.


With Oaky, your employees can ask any question and it will respond with answers enhanced by relevant content from our bank of clinically approved resources.


With Oaky your employees will have access to real-time, personalised support tailored to individual needs 24/7.

Gain unique insights with our powerful analytics 

OK Positive provides a real-time health check on the mental health of your employees.


Though our data portal you can view a summary of daily check-ins and see weekly and monthly trends of your employees' anonymised data. You can access feedback from your employees on the issues affecting them.


Understanding the challenges your employees are experiencing allows you to make proactive changes to better support your employees and facilitate a better working environment for all.

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What people are saying

Hear from our existing customers how OK Positive is helping them

support their people in and out of the workplace

David Fox

Mental Health Advocate for the Energy Industry Founder of Offshore Titans

The OK Positive app is a game-changer in the field of mental health support for workers. The design, ease-of-use and support features are second to none.

As a 20 year veteran of the Oil and Gas industry, who has suffered from mental health issues myself, I wish this app had been around for me when I needed it. Using the app for the last few months has made a noticeable difference - I’m able to see trends in my mental wellbeing and make subtle changes to improve any areas of concern.

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