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Let's talk about MENTAL HEALTH


Learn how OK Positive features can benefit your employees

Build self-awareness
by tracking your mood

Our mood check-in feature helps you notice how your thoughts and feelings can impact how you behave, both in and out of work.

Be guided through a short series of steps to identify your feelings and reflect on the triggers or reasons why you feel this way. View insights that show you patterns over time, and learn how you can choose your behaviour next time a trigger arises.

Add optional anonymous feedback for your employer and let them know what they can do to help.

View personalised content curated for you

View personalised content based on your interests and your mood check-ins.

Listen to a mindfulness audio exercise, try a fitness video or read blogs related to your interest areas.

Bookmark content so you can easily find it again.

Build knowledge and resilience with
Learning Journeys

Learn more about the mental health issues that matter to you with our Learning Journeys.

Each journey consists of a series of bite-sized pieces of content and simple exercises that you can step through at your own pace.

What people are saying

Hear from our existing customers how OK Positive is helping them

support their people in and out of the workplace

David Fox

Mental Health Advocate for the Energy Industry Founder of Offshore Titans

The OK Positive app is a game-changer in the field of mental health support for workers. The design, ease-of-use and support features are second to none.

As a 20 year veteran of the Oil and Gas industry, who has suffered from mental health issues myself, I wish this app had been around for me when I needed it. Using the app for the last few months has made a noticeable difference - I’m able to see trends in my mental wellbeing and make subtle changes to improve any areas of concern.

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