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An honest note from our founder

I have not always been open about my Mental Health. Seven or eight years ago I would have bottled my emotions and my problems would grow, becoming more and more prominent in my head.

My behaviour would change, I gained a lot of weight (85kgs to 98kgs) and started becoming irritable, frustrated and a generally difficult person to be around. I didn’t go and get therapy. While I could afford, it I didn’t want to spend money on this when I could be buying beer for my mates at the pub.

What I did do though, was educate myself on ways people supported their Mental Health. I knew I had a problem (my girlfriend told me so which made it really clear as she is the kindest person I know) and so I decided to learn about my Mental Health.

I journaled my mood and looked for trends. I learned it was mostly down to three things.

  1. I struggled with alcohol (it made me loud and fun at best, grumpy and rude at worst)

  2. My workplace and the pressures of my job at the time

  3. My financial state and how much money I had in the bank

From this I knew I could solve two problems at the same time. I cut out alcohol on a Sunday and saved the money. I then got started on the workplace situation and found myself a new role that I was happy in.

I found a few therapy techniques that helped with my symptoms of stress and panic. Breathing exercises and Acceptance and Commitment videos helped prevent full on panic attacks.

Fast forward eight years and while I am still by no means the finished article when it comes to Mental Health, I have become more self-aware and it has made me a better person for it. I have found I can now help my friends and family by listening and signposting support.

You don’t have to meditate all day to care about your Mental Health. It’s much like the gym or exercise; you have to work on it and practice. I can assure you; it is worth it.

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